If you want peace to be your companion in this lusty world, the mantra you need to remember is – realisation of God & to have faith in God.
This realisation helps in times of hardship & let you feel more secure. You would have an assurance from inside that someone is watching you all through the way.
I think it would be favorable to involve God in our life. It puts the life to higher grade & have positive influence on us.
For another instance, I would suggest to be thankful for what you have. Being positive energies you from inside & fills your thoughts with joy. One should always try to find good in others’ life. This will let the ego out and improve your ability of reasoning.
One must always remember-” what happens in one’s life is not the end of the world”. Either it be happiness or be something negative, it would not last forever.

As per my interpretation of peace through God, if you accompany God to a good depth in the sea of love & develop a good relation with Him, you would have a different perspective in communication with Him.
For proper fulfilment of this purpose, one would need to grasp teaching of various sages in one’s life. These teachings, as I think, should be accompanied with the belief that God is nothing but one’s faith and confidence in oneself.
It can now be concluded that peace of mind is another word for peace with God.
If we train ourselves for inner-spiritual peace, outer peace will come naturally without any special campaign.


Self-purification & Spirituality

As per different religious texts, the education & training of humans is of utmost importance to God so that He sends Divine Messengers from time to time for the proper fulfilment of the purpose.
The Divine Messengers perform the function of a guide to humanity that leads one towards self-building, self-realisation & perfection.
One cannot progress on the spiritual path unless & until one’s overloaded consciousness is cleaned. This is a tough task.
As a patient of cancer cannot regain health unless the tumour is removed, similarly, a person cannot gain enlightment until the ugly faces within him are drawn out.
In order to observe spirituality & lead to self-purification, one need to break the barriers hidden within oneself. This is easier said than done. The barriers of unpleasant thoughts, violence, depression etc. are so powerful that they may result in unexpected explosion & lead to unbalanced minds. One needs to be very determined.
Self-purification, that can also be described as the yogi stage, gets you rid of all such discouraging dirt & step-by-step progress you on the path of health, happiness & the ALMIGHTY.

युवाओं के लिए अंबेडकर जयंती के मायने

चौदह अपैे्ल की सुबह मैनें देखा की सुर्य देव जरा दयावान हुए हैं| छुट्टी का दिन तो था ही सो सोचा की सिनेमी घर की सैर की जाए| जैसे – तैसे दस बजे तक सारे काम – काज निपटाए और घर वालों को साथ लेकर चल दिया नजदिकी सिनेमा – घर की ओर| चुंकि वहा उम्मीद से ज्यादा ही हुजुम जुटा हुआ था, मैंने सभी को एक कोने में ठहरने को कहा और जाकर टिकट की पंक्ति में खड़ी हो गई| हाथ में मोबाइल फोन था जोकि आज के जमाने का सर्वस्व साथी बन चुका है, और मैं आदत के अनुसार उसपर इधर – उधर उंगलियाँ घुमाने लगी|

एका-एक पंक्ति में हलचल – सी महसुस हुई, देखा तो कुछ लड़के – लड़कियाँ, जोकि 17 – 18 वर्ष के जान पड़ते थे, उनका एक जत्थी आ पहुँचा था| उनमें से एक लड़का जोकि बार-बार अंगे्जी बोलकर दोस्तों पर रौब झाड़ने की कोशिश कर रहा था, मेरे पीछे आकर खड़ा हुआ| पहले तो मैंने अपने मोबाइल पर नजरें टिकाए रखी फिर ना जाने क्या मन हुआ तो पुछ बैठी – किस क्लास में पढ़ाई करते हो| बच्चे ने बडी़ अकड़ के साथ अंगे्जी में जवाब दिया कि वह ग्यारहवीं का छात्र था| मेरी उत्सुकता बढ़ रही थी, मैंने फिर पुछा – क्या आज स्कुल बंद है| इस बार उसके उत्तर में मेरे प्रति उपहास की भावना जान पड़ती थी| उसने और अधिक उग्र  भावना के साथ कहा – क्या तुम नहीं जानती की चौदह अपैे्ल को छुट्टी होती है| मैं उससे उम्र में करीब २० वर्ष बडी़ थी, उसके बोलने के इस लहजे ने मेरी चेतना ही सुन्न कर दी| इसके बाद कुछ बोलने की मेरी हिम्मत ना हुई| किन्तु उनके आपसी संवाद पर मेरा ध्यान टिका हुआ था| 
मैं उस वक्त स्तब्ध रह गई जब मुझे मालुम हुआ कि उनके अनुसार यह अवकाश किसी देश भक्त के शहीदी दिवस के रूप में होता है| जैसे ही ये शब्द मेरे कानों में पड़े, लगा जैसे पैरों को धरती ने जकड़ लिया हो, हृदय सुन्न हो गया, कभी सोचा ना था कि हमारे देश की युवा पिढी़ इस ओर जा रही है और हम उनसे अपनी संस्कृतिक धरोहर की संरक्षण तथा विश्व में एक नई पहचान दीलाने की जुठी आश लगाए बैठे है |


It was about mid-night when the alarm clock in Suparna’s room rang. She got up immediately, got dressed and went out.
As I was supposed to give a so-called fate-deciding presentation the very next morning, I had decided to keep myself awake & prepare for it. Exhausted by reading a number of articles, I came to the balcony for some fresh air. As I leaned forward to have a support, I was stunned to see Suparna walking across the main area of parking towards the gate. She had apron wrapped around her left arm, the same way she used to go to her college. The most astonishing fact I found was her boots. She was wearing boots as if to get protection against some rough texture, may be some rocky surface.
Suparna was then 25, 3 years older to me, & a student of bio-tech in the University. I & Suparna were living in the same apartment since I was 10 & Suparna’s family came to stay as our neighbor. As Suparna was very serious to her studies, I considered the she might be visiting some of her classmate for studies or something like that. I didn’t bother much about it.
The episode continued to be replayed for 5 – 6 days but I never bothered to question Suparna or her family considering it their personal matter.
A few days later, when I was out for my office, I came across Suparna’s mother & got to know that Suparna had gone to see some old friend & will be back in a week. I somehow felt relaxed.
Days passed & burdened with my work, I neither got time to think for Suparna, nor for myself. My schedule during the early days of office was very strict.
One day, on my way to office, my eyes fell on a newspaper hanging through the first desk of a newspaper-cum-tea stall. I brought my car to a sudden halt & rushed towards the paper. On reading the headline, my jaws opened in awe. It described some new species that was seen the previous day in a village which was about 25km east to the place I was standing and past the village was a cave, very famous for superstitions. I clenched the newspaper tightly, paid for it & returned.
As per the reporter, a new species which looked half like a human & half as an elephant was seen in the village named Kamara. There was a faded photograph of it printed on upper-left corner of the story. The face of it seemed familiar to me but I couldn’t recognize it, its innocence seemed very attractive even in the faded photograph. But as I looked down, I found that the stomach was large enough to swallow two humans at a time, the legs heavy as of elephants & hands weak as of humans. My eyes couldn’t believe it as a reality. It was also mentioned in the report that the animal didn’t harm anyone.
I followed the story on Facebook & other social media & found that the animal visited the village regularly but harmed no one.
A few days later, Suparna was back. I came to know this as she followed her night-routine punctually. My curiosity about her outings at night was increasing rapidly but I never discussed it with anyone. This time, I was more focused on the animal’s news, that government wanted to catch it, to research on it, to find the reasons behind its existence. These questions were wandering through my brain as I leaned over the boundary of my balcony to gasp some fresh air. As I looked down, Suparna was returning from her night tour. I checked my watch, it showed 2:30 am.
The very next morning, when I came out of my room, when the clock said 10 am, the headlines flashed on the television was about the animal, that it was found dead, that it was killed & destroyed, that only a few traces of it could be found.
I felt broken. In last few days, I had developed a liking for the animal, for its innocence, for its face that seemed me familiar.
With a heavy heart, I got ready for office & went downstairs. At the main gate of parking lot, I came across Suparna. The previous evening, I messaged her the whole news, my feelings towards the animal, every details I noticed & the familiarity I felt. I expected an explanation how it must have happened biologically of which Suparna was fond of, but she didn’t.
This morning, as we came across, as we came closer, as we faced each other, as our eyes met, I was stunned. Everything cleared in my mind in a flash. I felt numbness in my legs, not able to hold my weight. Suparna rushed towards the main gate but I dared not turn back & ask her a single question. The animal’s face was same as that of Suparna. Her night outings were for experiments somewhere in the caves past the village regarding the mutation. She used her own DNA & when she was out, a life developed out of her experiments, she didn’t want the world to know it for some reason, my message to her the previous evening served as a warning & SHE KILLED IT !!!!

ये दुनिया बहुत बड़ी है

सुना है ये दुनिया बहुत बड़ी है,
अच्छे – बुरे लोगों से भरी पड़ी है,

इस पार समंदर तो उधर रेगिस्तान है,
पुलकित होता मन और निराशा का सैलाब है,

हौसलों की उड़ान है
और उम्मीदों की थकान है,

उड़ान भरते परिंदे है
और दम तोड़ती आशाएँ है,

अपनी – अपनी किस्मत और
अपनी – अपनी आशंकाएँ है,

छोटे – छोटे कदमों की चहलकदमी
और घोर निराशा की संभावनाएँ है,

किसी पथ पर धुप कड़ी है
और किसी पर वृक्षों की छाँव भरी – पड़ी है,

सुना है ये दुनिया बहुत बड़ी है,
अच्छे – बुरे लोगों से भरी पड़ी है ||


नए शुरूआत की ओर

ढ़लती शाम को जब निहारती हुँ
खुले किवाड़ से,

लगता है जिंदगी भी ढ़ल रही है
एक एकांत में,

सन्नाटा छाने लगता है हर ओर,
और रूक – से जाते हैं बच्चों के क् न्दन के शोर,

संकरी गलियों में अब पैर पसारने लगा है वीराना,

कुछ ही देर में शुरू हो जाएगा
कीटों का टर्टराना,

पर कहाँ बुझती है जीवन की लौ
एक रात के अंधेरे से,

फिर रोमांचित हो उठता है मन
एक नए सवेरे से,

वही चटख रंग फिर छा जाते है चारों ओर,

जो शाम ढ़लते ही छुप जाते हैं
अंधकार की चादर ओढ,

बढ़ने लगती है जिदंगी एक अल्प – विराम की ओर,

जो सुबह उठते ही चल पड़ेगी,
एक नए शुरूआत की ओर ||

जीवन से थक कर

आज जीवन से थक कर,
बैठी हुँ इस काठ की तख्त पर
जब भी देखना चाहती हुँ पीछे मुड़कर,
अंधकार ही नजर आता है अतीत के हर पथ पर ,
ठहर जाना चाहती हुँ जाकर उस वक्त पर,
जब झांकना चाहा था माँ की आँचल के बाहर,
और कदम रखा था घर की दहलीज लांघ कर,
ढँुढनी चाही थी खुशियाँ जीवन के पथ पर,
लालसा थी उड़ जाने की लगा कर पर,
लगा देना चाहती हुँ विराम इस पल पर,
ताकि लौट सकुँ अतीत के उन पन्नों पर,
जहाँ दौड़ा करता था मन आम के बागिचों की ओर,
और खिलखिलाहट की गुंज छा जाती थी पुरे घर पर,
ना आना चाहुँगी वापस इस पथ पर,
जहाँ आज जीवन से थक कर,
बैठी हुँ इस काठ की तख्त पर ||

एक पतन सपनों का

थक चुकी है वह,
इस दुनिया के तानों से |

खो गई उसकी खिलखिलाहट,
उदासी के वीरानों में|

दम तोड़ने लगे हैं हौसले,
और टुटने लगे हैं हिम्मत के धागे|

कभी ना थमने वाली वनीता के,
बिखरे हुए सपनें,
और लड़खड़ाते हुए कदम,
इशारा करते हैं एक पतन की ओर,
हमारे समाज के एक अंत की ओर|

जहाँ संवेदनाएँ खत्म हो रही है,
और इंसानियत की सुगंध खो रही है|

कुछ सितारें बाकी है अभी इस जहाँ में
उन आसमां के टिमटिमाते सितारों की तरह,
बिखरे – से,
किन्तु धुमिल पड़ रही है उनकी भी चमक,
असमानता, अन्याय एंव आको्श की धुंध में ||


The Cancer Of Life

Sitting on an arm – chair, she could feel the pain in her legs, in her waist & head. She felt heavy for being unable to perform her responsibilities towards her family. At this very age of 25 years, she often complained of back-ache and sometimes mild pain in chest but had never been to a doctor.
As the door bell rang, she streched her legs getting ready to get up & go to the door. As she stood, she heard the second bell at the door & felt a little numbeness.

She was trying hard to rush to the hospital, bare – footed, crossing the lanes on footpath as cars & motorbikes passed by with pain in her chest. The scene before her was darkening. She increased her speed but could not keep pace with her mind, feeling like loosing some parts of her legs, like burring herself in the ground, like collapsing on the road.

Suddenly, her eyes widened with fear. She took some time to realise where she was. It was the room, her bed. OH! I was dreaming, she thought trying to get up but she couldn’t. Her brother, Navin, helped her & then she was told what had happend the previous day. Her brother sat beside her, cross- legged, handling her a glass of water & some pills to swallow, narrating the story that he had unlocked the door with the pass-key he used to keep, that he found her lying on the floor, that he was so nervous to see that he screemed to gather their neighbours, that he rushed her hospital and called their mother afterwards.

After taking a leave for 3 days, Rima gathered some strength & joined her work back. She managed at the weekend to see the doctor herself and discuss the issue. She was told there that she was healthy otherwise than the weekness that was eating her slowly & steadily, that she needed to take care of herself, that she needed to reduce the stress.

Rima decided to take the doctor seriously & work accordingly. Making some changes in her routine, he managed half-an-hour in morning for a short walk in the park, a mile away from her flat & decided not to take so much stress. The plan worked like a miracle and she recovered in a month.

Rima was only 22 when her father got paralysis. She was then doing her masters in mathematics. Rima had a younger brother, mother and father living in a flat that her father had bought out of his saving and some finance from bank. After his illness, Rima had to take his responsibilities. She immediately started searching for a job as her family did not remain with a regular source of income. After struggling for a few months, Rima was offered a post of accountant in a private firm which she accepted without any hesitation. Rima never ever in her life had thought of such a carrer instead, she always assumed herself teaching in the university. The job provided financal strenght to her family but after this she used to give tution  to college students for extra income.

Day-by-day, Rima got healthier but the stress in her deepened. She was finding it difficult to manage her father’s medicine, her brother’s fees and household goods with her salary. She found her brother, Navin, who was about to join college never demending to her as both of them used to with their father, never bothered her anything unless it was very urgent. Both of them still hoped that one day their father would recover that  once again they would go for an outing, that he would take them to flower show or book fair. But by now, Rima had been so old for such things, atleast mentally if not physically but still she would wonder if the days would be back. Whenever she sat beside her father, looking at him, sleeping, tears rolled down her cheecks as her eyes filled with glances of those days.

Rima had just returned home and was sitting with a cup of coffee when the phone rang. Rima picked up the phone and found her brother on another end announcing that he had got the scholarship for the college he had applied a month before. Rima congratulated hime, went to her parents, telling them the good news and feeling their happiness.

She returned to her coffee, feeling realxed, her burden lessened to half. It was as if she was feeling the whole world lightning with green and blue lights in the sunlight. She couldn’t get if she was happy for her brother or for herself or for their family.

Rima’s father died after a year when Navin moved to college. After a few months, Rima got married to Vivek, but decided to continue to stay with her mother as there was no one to care for her, to look after her. She was often tensed about the vomitting her mother made but as her mother told, it was all about her digestive system that she needed to take a less spicy and healthy diet.

It was another tragedy for Rima when after a few months, her mother died, falling off the stairs, in the early morning when Rima was getting ready for her office. She rushed her to the hospital but it was too late by then. Her mother’s death shook Rima from insde. She abandoned her job for a few months & decided to move to her in-laws.

Days pased by & Rima & Vivek decided to rent the flat that her parents owned till her brother returned. After the agreement was signed, Rima thought of emptying the house in her supervision & shifted the things to a small room in her in-law’s house.

When Rima opened the shelf in her parent’s room, some papers fell on the floor, spreading a husk of dust in the air. As Rima bent down to lift them, her eyes widened with terror, fear & surprise She lifted a file levelled “Cancer Hospital”. As she turned the papers, terror shook her from inside, her legs shaking, her hands numb—–a report from cancer hospital—-her mother had liver cancer. The report dated 6 months before, only 3 months before her mother died. She knew it. Now Rima could understand why her mother used to vomit, bathroom closed, that she lied her that it was digestion problem that she never told her that she lost her mother due to negligence that she couldn’t fulfil her responsibities that she couldn’t save her.

तु उठ, तु चल

तु उठ, तु चल, तु आगे बढ़
अबला नहीं, तु सबला बन ||

तु दिखा दे, तु बता दे
अपनी पहचान तु  बना दे ||

तु झुकना नहीं, तु थमना नहीं
अपनी मंजिल को तुझे पाना है
और दुनिया को दिखलाना है
अबला नहीं, तु सबला है ||

तेरा सम्मान, तेरा अभिमान है
और उसे पाना तेरा अधिकार है ||

तु रेगिस्तान में हरियाली ला
और मजबूरों में खुशहाली ला ||

तु उठ, तु चल, तु आगे बढ़
अबला नहीं, तु सबला बन ||